What is Placentia Restaurant Week?

Placentia Restaurant Week is a 14-day dining experience taking place at restaurants throughout Placentia and neighboring cities.
During this week restaurants may offer anything from promotions to special menu items!

When is Restaurant Week?

Monday, July 18-31, 2022

What’s the Idea Behind Placentia Restaurant Week?

Restaurant Week was created to support your local culinary community. These weeks not only introduces new customer to restaurants, but also enhances the economic vitality of Placentia.

What Restaurants are Participating?

Click here for a full list of restaurants that are participating in Placentia’s 2022 Restaurant Week!

How Many Receipts From Participating Restaurants do I Need to Enter for the Raffle?

You must have a minimum of 3 receipts. They must be dated from July 18-31, 2022. They must be from different restaurants and multiple receipts from the same order will NOT be accepted. You can, however, revisit a restaurant for additional meals.

Can I Enter the Raffle Multiple Times?

Yes! You need a minimum of 3 receipts to start. All receipts 3+ will be counted separately to increase your chances of winning prizes.

Are there Tickets?

There are no tickets, flyers or coupons required for Restaurant Week. Simply dine out and enjoy with friends and family while supporting your local community and then bring your receipts with the fillable form to our Chamber office or submit online.

Where Do I Drop Off the Receipts?

We will be accepting receipts by mail or drop off at the Placentia Chamber of Commerce located at 117 N. Main Street, Placentia, 92870, emailed to info@placentiachamber.com and online. Once we confirm your receipts are valid and from participating restaurants, we will enter your name into the raffle.

What if I Want to Submit Receipts Online?

Take a photo or scan your receipts and fill the form here.
Submit Receipts Online

What if One of my Receipts Does Not Qualify?

The Placentia Chamber of Commerce has the right to refuse any or all receipts if they do not follow the required qualifications such as date/time, repeat receipts, wrong restaurant receipts, not having enough receipts, etc.

What is the Prize?

There will be multiple prizes available. The list of prizes can be found by clicking here.

Placentia Chamber of Commerce
117 N. Main Street
Placentia, CA 92870